What is the IPSW file and how to open it?

What is IPSW file

IPSW is associated with the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV. Files extended with the file extension IPSW is an Apple Device Software Update file used with all the Apple devices. Its an archive file format that saves the encrypted DMG files and other different file formats like PLISTs, BBFWs, and IM4Ps. These files are released from Apple and are intended to add some new features and set the security vulnerabilities in comparable devices. This file extension can also be used to restore an Apple device to its factory default settings.   Apple always releases new IPSW files with the help of iTunes, but due to the present and outdated versions of firmware can also be downloaded through websites such as IPSW downloads.

An iPod and iPhone Software update file contain source code to restore Apple iTunes versions that are developed for Apple products such as iPhone and iPod devices, and these iPod and iPhone software update files may also be used to execute minor fixes or small updates for old versions of the Apple iTunes program currently installed in these gadgets. The operating system of compatible iPhones and iPods references the data saved in the iPod and iPhone software update file to perform the standard operations needed to restore or update the Apple iTunes software. These iPod and iPhone software update files are integrated with encoding arrangement proprietary to Apple and are saved in the IPSW file format and affixed with the .ipsw file extension.

Programs that open IPSW files

Several programs can open IPSW file on different operating systems according to their nature lets see what they are:


  1. Apple iTunes
  2. iPhone Dev Team show


  1. Apple iTunes
  2. iPhone Dev Team Pwnage Tool


  1. iPhone Dev Team show    

How to open IPSW files

  • firstly launch the IPSW file or any other file format on your computer by just double-clicking on it.
  • If the file associations are set up accurately, the program that is used to open your IPSW file will open it directly.
  • You may require to download or purchase the right program if you do not have the right program installed on your computer.
  • If IPSW files are not yet associated with the correct program, then in this case, when you try to open an IPSW file, you can tell the windows that which program is the right one for that particular file.
  • From then onwards, whenever an IPSW file is opened, it will get open with the correct program.

Here we are going to see how an IPSW file can be opened from an iOS beta DMG on Windows. Only the registered developers are allowed to download iOS firmware files from Apple’s developer center. These files are generally provided with the IPSW files but wrapped up into the DMG files. It has a different installation for each of the compatible device. So they can assure that their download matches the correct installation for your system.

  1. The very first step is to open DMG extractor.
  2. Select your iOS Beta DMG file that you want to open.
  3. Then tap the open button on the top left Menu icon.

How to convert an IPSW file

You should have any reason to convert the IOSW file into another file format. The way it exists is essential for communicating software updates through the iTunes and the Apple Devices; because converting an IPSW file means to lose the functionality of the file altogether. If you need to open an Apple Device software update file as an archive file, you don’t need to bother about the conversion of the IPSW file to any other file format like ZIP, ISO, etc. use the Unzip tool to open the file.

How to convert back .ZIP file to .IPSW file

To convert the ZIP file into the IPSW file format, you should have enabled your file extensions in your operating systems.

  1. For Windows:
  2. You can display the file extensions by clicking on the start menu.
  3. Then select the control panel and choose the folder options button
  4. Reach to view options and then turn off the “Hide file extensions for known types.”
  5. Once you enable the file extensions and make them visible on the computer, you rename the.ZIP file to the.IPSW file

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