What is a CTG file, and how to open it?

What is a CTG file

CTG is an acronym of the Catalog index file that is created by the Canon Digital Cameras. This file contains information about the number of pictures saved in each folder on a camera’s memory card. CTG files saved in the CANONMSC folder, and they communicate to other folders stored on the memory card. Files containing the file extension .ctg are all known as Catalog Index Files. When any Canon DIGITAL Camera captures a photograph, it saves the photo in a folder directly on the camera’s memory card. CTG files permit your computer to index the files and occupy them into your computer

CTG files do not contain any actual image data; instead of that, it just consists of an index of the information contained in the folder. CTG files are proprietory, and the data that they save is unknown, and they cannot be converted into the images as they do not include image data. As we understood earlier that CTG files found on the Canon Digital Camera memory card, and they operated as the data indexes for the picture folders saved on the memory card. Along with that, indexed data changed as the images that the information references removed from the camera. These files are deleted completely when the folder, including the pictures, is discarded.   

Programs that open CTG files

  • Wheels
  • ChessBase
  • VLC Media Player
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • Free File Viewer Pro

How to open CTG files

The CTG file extension used by the different file types as well as the various programs; some times, it becomes challenging to find out which of the program is to use. So when you need to open a CTG file, firstly start with just by double-clicking on the file, and if this does not work and finds any kind of error message, switch to the below methods

Step 1:-By the help of other Software


If you are unable to open the CTG file by double-clicking on it, then you may not be having the right program installed on your computer. What you can do is start introducing some of the standard applications that are associated with opening these CTG files. This software can be readily available from the developer’s website.

Step 2:- Use File Type

CTG files are generally original files that look for a particular program that opens, especially these file types. If you are not sure about the file type, you need first to understand the nature of the file within the CTG file itself. Follow these simple steps:

On Windows

  • Right-click on the icon of the file;
  • Choose the “Properties” command from the drop-down


  • Navigate to the File Type mentioned under ” Type of File


On macOS

  • Right-click on the icon of the file.
  • Choose “ more info” command from the drop-down menu. 
  • Search the file type mentioned under “ Kind.”

Step 3:-Ask Developer

When you are unable to open the CTG file after every possible action, the very last option is to contact the developer of a particular software  only the developer can provide you the best opportunity or advice to open the file 

Step 4:- Use of Universal file viewer

Last but not least, even if the developer is unable to help you out in opening a CTG file. Without putting any thought in your mind, check out the Universal File Viewer like File Magic, which can support any file format and will quickly open up your file(No matter in which file format it is). Therefore, you should keep this in mind that some files are incompatible, so they will still get opened but in binary form.

How to convert a CTG file

Saving a CTG file is to change its association, and it’s all done with it. To change the associations follow these simple steps:-

  1. Right-tap on the file with the extension whose association you need to change, and then tap the “Open With” button.
  2. “Open With” dialog box will be displayed, tap the program with which you wish your file to open, or tap the Browse to locate the program which you require.
  3. Select the option of  “Always use the selected program”to open this particular kind of file checkbox.

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