What is DOS File and how to open it?

DOS stands for “Disk Operating System”. DOS is an operating system that runs from the hard-disk driver, so it is termed as DISK OPERATING SYSTEM. DOS Files deals with the specific files used by the members of DOS-compatible operating systems family, such as MS-DOS, PC DOS, DR DOS, Multiuser DOS, Concurrent DOS, Open DOS, ROM DOS, etc. DOS was the first operating system that is used by IBM-compatible computers. DOS was primarily available in two versions. The first version was PC- DOS and the second version was MS-DOS. Both versions were essentially the same. The first version of PC-DOS was developed by IBM and it sold to the first IBM-compatible manufactures. Microsoft bought the rights of mos file and it was bundled with the first version of windows.

How to open DOS File?

To open MS DOS File in Windows 10 you can use following ways-

  1. First press Windows+X keys and click on command prompt option.
  2. Now press Windows+R keys, then enter “cmd”And clickto open the command prompt.

How to run DOS File in Windows 10:

Step 1 – First run .exe or .com file extension as other windows file.

Step 2 – Now a window will appear which tells about a feature called NDTVM, that we need. Click install this feature.

Step 3 – once you have installed this feature next time when you open the DOS programs it will just run in Windows.

Programs that are used to open and convert DOS files:

  • General Network Driver File
  • DOS 7 System Files.
  • Network Driver File
  • Text File/DOS Specification Info

Some Basic DOS Commands-

  • Changing directory (cd)
  • How to list directory files (dir)
  • Searching file contents (find) / Searching filenames (dir)
  • Making a directory (md)
  • Copying a file (copy) / Copying a directory (xcopy)
  • Running Notepad.
  • Deleting a file (del)
  • Hiding/unhiding a file or directory (attrib)
  • Showing IP address (ipconfig)

Features of DOS –

  1. DOS is a 16 bit operating system.
  2. In DOS the maximum storage available is 2GB.
  3. DOS is single user type operating system.
  4. DOS not supports Graphical interface.
  5. DOS is a character based interface system.

Uses of Operating System (DOS/Windows) –

  1. Disk Operating System is used to control input/output devices such as keyboard, monitor, printer, mouse.
  2. DOS is used for management of memory and file storage.
  3. It is used for scheduling and controlling process of CPU.
  4. DOS is used for loading, initiating, executing and supervising the applications programs of the user.
  5. DOS is used for handling errors and restarting.

Advantages of Disk Operating System (DOS) –

  1.  DOS is useful for managing a microsoft system.
  2.  DOS is very light weight, so that it has not burden of multitasking operating system.
  3.  DOS boots much faster than any other windows versions.
  4. We have access to BIOS and its underlying hardwares.
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