How to fix an issue when Spotify can’t play songs?

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a Swedish based audio and media service provider that is launched in October 2008. Spotify includes more than 60 million songs from record labels and media companies. As in the freemium service, basic features are free with advertisements and limited control, whereas additional characteristics such as offline listening and commercial-free listening, are offered via paid subscriptions. The Spotify users can search for music based on the artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share the playlists.

How to fix an issue when Spotify can’t play the current song

This is an error that occurs many times, and there can be several causes behind the errors, along with the quick and easy solutions to it. Here you will come to learn about how can we troubleshoot this common Spotify error and fix underlying issues with the Spotify preferences,

1. Restart Spotify App

The easiest and the fastest solution to try is to close and then reopen the Application.

If you use the Spotify app on the desktop, and then select File and then Quit Spotify.

2. Logout from the Spotify App and then Login Back

If closing the App does not work and resolve the issue, then logout from the App and then login back.

3. Restart your computer

If you are still facing a problem in song playing, try to restart your computer. This may clear up the underlying issues with your operating system that affect Spotify and give the music App a fresh environment.

4. Is the Application you have up to Date?

  • Open the desktop Spotify app.
  • Select the Spotify > About Spotify from the top-right menu bar.
  • Spotify will inform you what your current version is and if an update is available.
  • Select the update now tab if an update I available there.
  • After getting the message that Spotify has been successfully updated, you need to restart reinstall the new version.
  • Select the close button and then restart your computer. 

5.Turn off the High-Quality Streaming

  • Open the Spotify app and click on the settings button.
  • Click on music quality.
  • Select the Automatic or lower the quality to something less than very high.

6. Does your device have enough space?

  • If you work in offline mode, you may have run out of storage space on your device. Spotify recommends having at least 1GB free for downloads.
  • Remove the downloaded files from the Spotify on the desktop.
  • On a mobile, try to clean up space in your internal storage.

7. Turn off Hardware Acceleration

  • On turning off, this feature may solve the song playing errors.
  • Open Spotify on your desktop and select the dropdown arrow located on the top right corner next to your name.
  • Select the settings tab
  • Scroll down and then select the Show Advanced settings tab.
  • Under the compatibility tab, turn off the hardware acceleration.
  • Reboot the Spotify app see if this solved the problem

8. Enable or Disable Crossfading

Crossfading provides a more pleasant transition between songs, but if you were experiencing song-playing errors with Spotify on your desktop, try to turn this feature on or off.

Open the Spotify application on your desktop and then select the Dropdown arrow on the top right corner next to your name.

Then select the settings tab.

Scroll down and then choose the Show Advanced Settings.

In the Playback section, tap on the crossfade songs on or off. If you are toggling it on, set the time to zero seconds.

Reboot Spotify and then see if this solves the problem. 

9. Was the song pulled from the playlist?

This issue occurs when you have a local download of a playlist and does not sync properly when a song is being removed from the Spotify database.

  • Open Spotify on your desktop and select the Dropdown arrow located on the top right corner next to your name.
  • Select the settings tab.
  • Then Go to Display Options and then tap on the Show Unavailable Songs in the Playlists.

Reinstall Spotify

Uninstalling and then reinstalling Spotify will remove the corrupted files that may trigger an error. This process can be done on all the platforms:

1. On MAC

  • Quit Spotify
  • Open the Finder
  • Select the Go option from the menu at the top, then hold the option key and select the Library button.
  • Open Caches and then delete the com.spotify. Client folder.
  • Select the back arrow button.
  • Open Application Support and delete the Spotify folder from there.
  • Open the Finder again.
  • Go to the Applications in the sidebar menu.
  • Find your Spotify app and drag it to the Trash. Empty your Trash folder to delete the Application.
  • Download and then install Spotify.

2. On Windows PC

  • Close Spotify
  • Then Go to the Control Panel.
  • Select the Programs and features.
  • Select the Spotify on the menu and then select the uninstall tab.
  • The next step is to follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process of uninstalling.
  • Download and then install Spotify.

3. On IOS

  • Click and hold the Spotify app icon.
  • Click on the Delete App, and then Delete.
  • Then Go to the App play Store and reinstall the Spotify app.

4.On Android

Go to the Phone’s settings.

  • Select Apps.
  • Find Spotify in your list of applications and click on it.
  • For having a clean reinstall, click on the Storage button and then on Clear Data.
  • Click on the uninstall button.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and then reinstall the Spotify app.
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