Process To Activate InPrivate Browsing Mode in IE11

As you start surfing the web, remnants of where you have been and what you have done, browser left it behind on the device’s hard drive—this consists of browsing the history, Cache, passwords, cookies, and a lot more. IE 11 offers InPrivate Browsing, which ensures that private data is not saved on your computer at the end of your browsing session.

How To Activate InPrivate Browsing Mode in IE11?

Your browsing history saved passwords and also autofill form data are also permanently deleted at the end of your browsing session. “InPrivate Browsing” is one of the settings in the web browser settings:

  1. Firstly, open the IE11 browser.
  2. Then select the gear icon, also known as the Action or Tools menu, located in the extreme upper right corner of the browser’s window.
  3. Then Select the Safety in the drop-down list.
  4. Select InPrivate Browsing in the submenu.

For IE11 Windows 8 Mode, Select the Tab Tools button when the drop-down list appears Select the New InPrivate button. InPrivate “Browsing Mode” is then activated, and a confirmation screen appears, along with the new browser button or a window.

The following conditions are applied to any actions taken within the confines of the InPrivate Browsing window.

  • Cookies

Many websites place the small text file on the hard drive, which is used to store user-specific settings and other unique data for you. That site uses this file or cookie to give a customized experience or retrieve the data like your login credentials.

  • Temporary Internet Files

These Temporary Internet Files are also known as Cache. These are the images, multimedia files, and the full web pages stored locally to speed up the load times. These files are deleted immediately when the InPrivate Browsing button or window is closed.

IE11 typically saves a record of URLs or addresses which you have visited. While in InPrivate Browsing Mode, the history is never recorded.

  • Form Data

Data that you enter into a web form, like your name and address, is normally saved by IE11 for future use. With InPrivate Browsing is Turned On. However, no form data is recorded locally then.

  • Autocomplete

IE11 uses your previous browsing history and search history for its AutoComplete characteristic by taking an educated guess every time you type a URL or search Keywords. This information is not saved while surfing in InPrivate Browsing Mode.

  • Crash Restoration

IE11 saves the session data in the event of a crash so that automatic recovery is possible upon relaunch. This is also true if multiple InPrivate buttons are open concurrently and one InPrivate button happens to crash.

  • RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds added to the IE11 while InPrivate Browsing Mode is turned On are not deleted when the current button or window is closed. Each Individual feed must be manually removed.

  • Favorites

Any Favourites, also known as the Bookmarks created during an InPrivate Browsing session, are not removed when the session gets complete.

Therefore, Favourites can be viewed in standard browsing mode and deleted manually if you want to remove them.

  • IE11 Settings

Any changes made during an InPrivate Browsing mode to the IE11 settings during an InPrivate Browsing session maintain intact at the closing of that session.

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