What is a VBK file and how to open it?

What is a VBK file?

VBK files are the DRM-protected eBook files that are used by the VitalSource Bookshelf, which is an eBook application that is used for the reading purchased textbooks. They may include a digital textbook that is created by one of many other different publishers. Only the VitalSource Bookshelf account and the software client are allowed to open the VBK files. The VitalSource Bookshelf software also allows the users to access their digital copies of textbooks. The VBK files are primarily associated with the CallPilot by Nortel Networks. Proprietory Nortel Networks Voice Block audio encoding. Playback of this encoding needs a Nortel Networks supplied Player.

Every day thousands of users submit the information to us regarding which the applications they use to open specific types of files. Until we don’t have a description of the VBK file format and what it is usually used for, we are very well aware of this, which applications are to be used to open these types of files. Files extended with the file extension.VBK   includes DRM protected digital book published by one of many publishers. To read the VBK files, the user must have an account in the system as well as a program known as the client. VitalSource Bookshelf also gives access to the digital versions of some books that are purchased in paper form. 

How to open VBK file

The VBK file extension used by the different file types as well as the various programs; many times, it becomes very difficult to find out which of the program is to be used. So when you need to open a VBK file, you have to start by just double-tapping on the file, and still, if it does not gets open, or you are finding any of the issues or any error messages, follow with the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1:- Use of  Different Software applications

What is the problem if you are not able to open the VBK file by double-tapping on the file? The answer is that you are not having the right program installed with you on your computer. What you can do the best is start installing some of the standard applications that are associated with opening these VBK files. 

Step 2:- Use File Type as a Clue

VBK files are generally original files that look for a specific program that opens, especially the file types. If you are not confirmed about the file type, you need first to understand the type of the file within the VBK file itself. Follow these simple steps:

On Windows

  • Right-tap on the icon of the file;
  • select the “Properties” command from the drop-down.
  • browse the File Type mentioned under ” Type of File.”

On Mac

  • Right-tap the icon of the file
  • select ” more info” command from the drop-down list.
  • browse the file type mentioned under ” Kind.”

Step 3:-Ask Developer

When you are unable to open the VBK file after every possible step, the very last option is to contact the developer of a particular software  only the developer can provide you the best option or advice to open the file

Step 4:- Use of Universal file viewer

Last but not least, even if the developer is unable to help you out in opening a VBK file. Without striking any thought in your mind check out the Universal File Viewer like File Magic, these can  support any  of the file formats and will quickly open up your file(No matter in which file format it is holding), but you need to make sure that most of those files are incompatible so they will still get opened but in binary format 

How to convert VBK file to PDF file

  • Firstly, Download Epubor VitalSource Downloader to your PC and then launch it.
  • Enter your billing email to register Epubor VitalSource Downloader.
  • Register yourself in the downloader.
  • Next up, enter your VitalSource account details: Username and Password in the log-in window.
  •  All your electronic books will be displayed in the main window.
  • Then sign in with your VBK account.
  • Tap on the download button situated in the lower right corner of the book cover to download the VitalSource eTextbooks into your PC.
  • Tap on the arrow to download the books.
  • Let the downloading process completes successfully.
  • Reminding window popup occurs when the book was successfully downloaded to your computer.
  • After closing the reminding window, it will pop up another window that includes the DRM free ePub or PDF files.
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