What is a NEF file extension and how to open it?

NEF stands for Nikon Electronic Format RAW image, which says that the NEF file is a raw image captured by a Nikon Digital Camera stored in an uncompressed format that saves data precisely as the CCD captured it. NEF files also contain image metadata, which includes the ID  of the Camera and the lens used in it. The NEF file format supports 12-bit or 14-bit data, which depends on the Camera that is to capture the image.

 Once the image saved to a computer, any adjustments can be made to the image settings like exposure, hue, tone, sharpening, and white balance that can be applied with the Photo Editing Software. Changes to the image saved as the instruction sets that separate from the raw image data in the NEF file, which means that no matter how many edits are applied to the image, you can convert back to the original as you must be aware that Nikon Raw file format uses the RAW image files and these type of image files are sometimes referred to as the digital negatives.

 The NEF file is written in the memory card in either an uncompressed or lossless compressed form. The primary benefit of writing images to a memory card in the NEF file format instead of TIFF or JPEG is that no in-camera processing for white balance, hue, tone, and sharpening is applied to the NEF file, rather than that those values are maintained as the instruction sets included in the file. Where you can change the instruction sets as many numbers of times as you want without ever disturbing the original image’s RAW data, another benefit is to retain the 12-bit or 14- bit data, which results in a far greater tonal range.

How to open NEF file in windows 10?

NEF files are the proprietary image file format, particularly to the Nikon Cameras. To open these NEF files on Windows 10 is not that easy since you lack any native tools that can easily handle this file format, and you will need a third-party tool to view, edit and convert the NEF files, software like Adobe Photoshop. Instead of this, what we can do is let us take a step to understand how to process the NEF files in our Camera.

How To Process NEF files In personal Camera?

To mean with processing the NEF files in my Camera, we want to say that how a NEF file can be opened in any DSLR camera. To understand this let us move further and  follow some simple steps what are they ? let’s have a look:

  1. Find NEF in-camera processing feature in the retouch menu. That enables you to process the NEF RAW files into the JPEG files within the Camera and also useful for shooting RAW files or sharing a quick JPG.
  2. Adjust the picture controls, or you can change the images from color options such as Black & White or Sepia, changes the white balance, exposure compensation, and so much more.
  3. Once you have made the changes and satisfied with the adjustments, preview it by pushing the magnifying glass button situated at the backside of the Camera.
  4. Then select EXE when you are all set to save the JPG file to your media or a memory card.
  5. The original file will be saved in the memory card or media card. Therefore, you can revert to the original capture on opening the NEF file on your computer.

How to convert NEF file to JPEG file?

NEF files should be converted into JPEG file format with some easy and quick steps that are listed below:

  1. Firstly, open the folder that contains the nEF images in the browser.
  2. Then Select the NEF image that you would like to convert to JPEG file format.
  3. Select “Save As “ command button
  4. Make sure that settings in the processing queue dialog and select the JPEG file format.
  5. Now JPEG file conversion gets started.
  6. At last, the Conversion is complete.
  7. And now, you can find your converted JPEG file in the location that you have selected for your file to be saved automatically.
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