JSON file format

There are only a couple of decides that you have to remember:

  • Items are embodied inside the opening and closing sections { }
  • A vacant item can be represented by { }
  • Clusters are epitomized inside opening and closing square sections [ ]
  • A vacant exhibit can be represented by [ ]
  • A part is represented by a key-value pair
  • The key of a part should to be contained in double statements.
  • Every part should have include an interesting key inside an item structure
  • The estimation of a part should be contained in double statements if it’s a string
  • Boolean qualities are represented utilizing the valid or invalid literals in lower case
  • Number qualities are represented utilizing double exactness gliding point group. Logical documentation is supported
  • Numbers ought not have driving zeroes
  • Invalid qualities are represented by the invalid exacting in lower case
  • Other item types, for example, dates, are not appropriately bolstered and ought to be changed over to strings. It turns into the obligation of the parser/customer to deal with this
  • Every individual from an item or each cluster esteem must be trailed by a comma if it’s not the last one
  • The regular extension for json records is ‘.json’
  • The emulate type for json documents is ‘application/json’

Programming languages and JSON

The site openjsonfile.co keeps up a broad rundown of JSON libraries and they are sorted in programming languages. Sadly, there are such huge numbers of libraries out there that it’s difficult to picked one! Note that VERY few JSON libraries have strict adherence to the JSON particular and this can prompt parsing issues between systems.

These are my suggested JSON libraries:

C++: JsonCpp

C# (.Net): Json NET

JAVA: JSON.smart,JSON-lib

Why use JSON?

There are huge reasons why you would need to utilize JSON:

It’s comprehensible… on the off chance that it’s appropriately designed.

It’s reduced in light of the fact that it doesn’t utilize a full mark-up structure, dissimilar to XML.

It’s anything but difficult to parse, particularly in JavaScript.

A gazillion JSON libraries are accessible for most programming dialects. The information structure is straightforward.

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