How to send GIFs on iPhone?

Send and Save GIFs on your iPhone

Add GIF from images

  • Open the messages, click on the writing tab, and then enter a contact or click on an existing conversation.
  • Tap on the search icon
  • Search for a specific GIF, click on the Find images option, and then enter a keyword, like a birthday.
  • Click on the GIF to add it to your message.
  • Click on the up arrow to send.

Save GIF

  • Open message app
  • Open the messaging app that has the previously sent GIF that you wanted to save.
  • Click and hold the GIF, then click on the Save button.

How to send a GIF on your iPhone by using the built-in GIF keyboard in messages

  1. Open the messaging app on your iPhone.
  2. Choose the images icon from the menu bar below the new message field. It seems to be a pink circle with a white magnifying glass In the middle.
  3. A GIF keyboard will then pop up instantly that says “ Find Images” scroll through the GIFs to view popular or recently used GIFs. If you are searching for any particular GIF, type what you are looking for into the “ Find Images” option in the search bar to discover GIFs that fits best to your message.
  4. Scroll down the screen unless and until you find the appropriate GIF. Click on the GIF to insert it into your message.
  5. The GIF will appear in the text field. If accidentally you selected the wrong GIF, you can delete it from your message by hitting the small “ X” in the extreme top right corner of the GIF. Click on the “ send” button, the blue arrow icon on the right side, to send it.

How to text a GIF on an iPhone using a third-party application

You can send a GIF through a third-party app. Popular options consist of GIF Keyboard and GIPHY. If you have downloaded these from the AppStore, they will have appeared on the same menu bar as the “ images” keyboard in messages. Select the app icon to open its GIF library.

How to send GIF in WhatsApp on iPhone?

Adding videos to messages on WhatsApp can be a lot of fun. Now you can also include GIFs, Live Photos, and video shot on your iPhone easily and for free. We show you how to send GIFs on WhatsApp on iPhone.

Whatsapp is one of our favorite methods to keep in touch with friends around the world. Sharing messages and pictures for free is always welcome and demanded too. Besides pictures and messages, you can also include GIFs alongside Apple’s Live Photos and short video clips. In this quick learning guide, we will show you how to easily add a splash of action to your WhatsApp conversations.

Sending GIFs on WhatsApp

The easiest way to send GIFs on WhatsApp uses the built-in GIF function, which was first introduced in 2017. The function permits you to search the vast library of GIFs available on Giphy and send the animated clips without saving them on your iPhone first.

To search for a Giphy GIF to send, click on the stickers icon to the right side of the text entry field in your WhatsApp chat.

At the bottom of the window, click on the GIF icon. From there, you can browse from several preset categories, or if you have got a specific GIF in mind, click on the magnifying glass in the bottom left to keyword search.

Converting videos to GIF

  1. Sending a video message

To send a video, you should start a message and then select the + icon in the extreme bottom left corner of the screen.

2. Sending a video message as a GIF

If you wish to send the file as a GIF, follow the similar steps as above, but select a video no longer than six seconds in length.

3. Sending live Photos

Owners of an iPhone 6s, or 6s plus or later, can also send their live photos to friends on Whatsapp. They will need to be converted to GIFs first through so that users of other smartphones will open them.

4. Sending existing GIFs

Over time you may accrue several GIFs in your camera roll due to them being included in messages you have received from other people.

5. Sending GIFs from the web

If you have a GIF online that you want to consist of in a message, then that’s easy to do as well.

How to send GIF on iPhone?

It is very easy to send the animated GIFs from your iPhone using the messages app, using the built-in app drawer added in iOS 11.

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