What is a TIF file, and how to open it?

What is TIF file?

Tif is a short form of “Tagged Image Format.” It is a type of image file format that is mainly used for consisting if high-quality graphics. This file format is a creation of Aldus Corporation, but Adobe acquired the file format and performed several changes in them in many different ways. TIF file format is capable of consisting of both lossy compressions as well as an uncompressed image file. Additionally, vector images or graphics are also allowed in the TIF file format. This format is the most widely used image formatting terms of Graphic Artists, Photographers, and Publishing Authorities too. All file holding the TIF or TIFF file extension is always considered as a tagged image file.

TIF file format supports the lossless compression, in which no image data is lost during the compression process. This leads to maintaining the high-quality pictures for the graphic artists and Photographers in a minimum storage space without even compromising on the quality. These files can be saved in its original, uncompressed lossless. It is saved in either TIF format or LZW file format. This particular file format will reduce the size of the TIF file and results in the loss of image quality. TIF file is also converted into JPEG file format, which compresses the size of the TIF file as well, but to some extent, it maintains the quality of the image.

TIF file compatible software to open it        

On Windows

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

On Mac

  • MacOS 10.12
  • MacOS 10.13
  • MacOS 10.14

Programs that open TIF files on windows

  • Free File Viewer
  • IrfanView
  • Irfan Magic
  • Pixillion Image Converter
  • Photo Gallery

How to open the TIF file?

After watching the compatibility of the TIF file to which Program the TIF file is associated with let us have a glance at the process of one most common Program, i.e., CorelDRAW and windows Explorer.

With CorelDRAW

  • Firstly Launch CorelDRAW
  • Open file menu and then select the open button
  • Search the TIF file that you wish to open
  • Then select the file from the queue.
  • Lastly, edit and save your file.

 With Windows Explorer

  • Tap on the “start” button
  • Select the “computer” to open Windows Explorer.
  • Locate your TIF file within the Windows Explorer.
  • Double-tap on the TIF file to open it with the associated Program. If you required to select another program just right, tap the file, point to the “open with” option, and then select your preferred Program. 

How to convert TIF files to other formats?    

Step 1:- Install and Run Wondershare Image Converter

After downloading the Wondershare Converter, install it and then run it on your computer. First, access the Toolbox section and then tap on the Image Converter function.

Step 2:-  Add your TIF file that is to convert

After that, the very first thing is to select the TIF file that you want to convert and add the file in the converter or drag and drop your file to the section and can add multiple files at a time.

Step 3:- View TIF file

Move your cursor on the TIF image file and click the right mouse button and then select the Preview option from the drop-down menu, it will display a popup window to you which shows the complete TIF image.

Step 4:- Select the target file format.

You should be clear with the output format which you prefer, and for that, you need to access the section of “Convert all images to: “which will display the drop-down menu for file formats. Where you will be able to find multiple numbers of formats like  JPG, BMP, PNG, etc.

Step 5:- Convert an image to TIF file

Before starting, the conversion process changes the location of the output file by tapping on the “output” tab, and after that, select the “convert” cost. You will be able to see the converted file in your selected output format as well as a folder.

How to convert TIF file to PDF?

TIF files can be converted like all other files into other file formats, and to convert the file we can use two methods that are:-

  1. BY using an online converter
  2. With the help of Adobe Acrobat

Method1:- By Using Online Converter

  1. Open the TIF to PDF site
  2. Tap on the “Upload Files” button. 
  3. Then select the TIFF files.
  4. Tap on open
  5. Wait for the file to upload on the site.
  6. Click on the “download” button.

Method 2:- Using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Make sure that you hold the paid version of Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Open the Adobe Acrobat software ng Online Converter
  3. Tap on the “file” button.
  4. Tap on the “Create PDF online” command.
  5. Click on the command “Select files to convert to PDF.”
  6. Choose the TIFF file.
  7. Tap on the open button.
  8. Click on the “Convert to PDF”
  9. Save your converted PDF.
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