How to open the TEX file extension

What is the TEX file?

You are here on the page because you must be having a file that ends with the TEX file extension. The specific applications can only launch all those files that have the file extension TEX. TEX files may be data files rather than the documents or media files, which means they are not meant to be viewed at all.

                  Files having the TEX file format are the output text documents that are created by using the LaTeX software, which is a word processing application. It is used to define a book’s structure or other documents, such as making it into an article format or a  letter format or some other format. Also, you can save these output text documents in the LTX extension. LaTex Source Document files are the plain text and might consist of text characters and the symbols and the mathematical expressions. A-Tex file can instead be a Texture File. TEX files are the images that some of the video games use to store objects’ texture to appear differently from other 2D or 3D objects. A Textmaker can be used by Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and the users since this word processing application has versions for all the three platforms to open up the STY file and write the percent symbol followed by their comments.

What is a TEX file extension?

The file extension is a set of three or four characters at the end of a filename; in this .tex file extension will tell you what type of file it is, and also, it will tell windows that what program can open it. Windows will often associate a default program to each file extension so that when you double-tap on the file, the program launches it automatically. When that program no longer exists on your PC, you can sometimes receive an error when you try to open the associated file.

How to open TEX file?

  • LaTeX Document files that use the TEX file extension can be viewed and edited in any text editor since they are simply plain text files. Files are written in  Notepad++, Notepad in windows, and Vim and are few examples of these text editor
  • applications. As TEX files are completely compatible with a text editor, they are generally utilized within the context of a specifically meant program to work with LaTeX documents. On Windows, macOS, and Linux, this might consist of TeXworks or Texmaker. Windows users could instead use Led as a TEX file viewer and editor or protect.
  • TEX file extension means the Texture files can be opened with a generic image viewer such as IrfanView, but you might have to first rename the file to something that the program supports, such as JPG or PNG.
  • If a generic image file opener doesn’t read the TEX file, you can try a program explicitly meant for opening the video game’s texture files.
  • For example, Dead Rising 2 Tools should be able to open TEX files used with that game. You might have luck using an application from Croteam, the same serious creator, to open that kind of TEX file.
  • As some of the TEX textures files are saved in the DirectDraw Surface (DDS) file format, a tool such as XnView MP, Windows Texture Viewer, or GIMP might be able to open one. However, keep this in mind that this may only work if you rename the “ TEX file to have the DDS file extension so that those programs can recognize the file. 

How to convert TEX file?

  • CloudConvert should convert the TEX file to PDF format if you need to save the LaTex file to the much more popular PDF file format. You can also pdf.
  • If your TEX file consists of an equation that you want to convert to PNG, you can use the latex2png or iTex2lmg. Both online TEX converters have you paste the LaTeX code into the textbox to produce an image that can then be saved into your device.
  • The TeXmaker application can convert a TEX file to several other TeX-related file formats such as BIB, STY, MP, ASY, CLS, and RNW.

You can most likely use the texture file viewers from above to convert that kind of TEX file to a different file format. And if it also does not work for you, try renaming the texture file to JPG or PNG and then convert it with a free image file converter.

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