What is GIF file and how to open it?

What is GIF file?

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange  Format. It is just an animated image, that is pronounced as “gif” or “jiff” like JPEG or PNG file formats, this file format is used for creating still images. But along with this, it has a unique feature that can be used to create animated images. GIFs are not videos. They are more like flipbooks. You must have noticed that GIFs do not have any sound, and also, these were not created for animations; Gif files can easily hold multiple numbers of pictures at a time, and in these people have realized that these pictures could load sequentially similarly like flipbooks. CompuServe published GIF file format in 1987; GIF file format is more popular now than ever before. GIF files use the lossless compression that does not humiliate the quality of the image. Gif files can include a maximum of 256 colors, and it stores the image data by using indexed color. Even after GIF file format was published more than a quarter-century ago, the people still used it so widely on the web in today’s times.

GIF files use 89a format. And you can check the version of a particular GIF image file by opening it in a text editor and looking forward to the first six characters listed in the document. GIFs are mainly best suited for the buttons and banners on websites, as these type of images typically does not require a lot of colors. Most of the web developers prefer to use the newer PNG file format. As we know that PNG supports a wide range of colors and contains an alpha channel that makes it possible for a single image with transparency to blend smoothly with any webpage background color. Since JPEG and PNG file format does not support animations, therefore animated GIFs are soo popular on the web.

How To Open a GIF file format?

  1. Tap on the Start menu and then on Control Panel.
  2. Moving to the All Control Panel Items and then choose Default Programs and Set Associations.
  3. Coming back to Set Associations Window, Scroll down to find .gif.
  4. Highlight it and then tap on the Change Program situated on the top right corner of the window. 
  5. Now select the program that you would like to set as default to open.GIF files.

Steps to open the GIF file

  1. Open the folder that includes the animated GIF file.
  2. Locate your animated GIF file inside the folder.
  3. Now, set windows media player as the default media player for animated GIFs.
  4. Right-tap on the animated GIF and click on the “Properties.”
  5. Click on the change option.
  6. A screen will appear with a list of programs within it. 
  7. Just choose the Windows Media Player.
  8. Always Use the selected program to open this particular kind of file.
  9. Click on the OK button to return to the Properties menu.
  10. Tap on the Apply button and then click on OK.
  11. All the animated GIFs will open in the Windows Media Player by default.
  12. Double-tap the animated GIF file. The window media player begins and will display the animated GIF.
  13. Hit the square stop button to stop the animated GIF.
  14. Close Windows Media Player when you finished up. By clicking on the X situated in the top right corner of the screen.

 How To Convert?

  1. Open image in your photo editor.
  2. Select your file.
  3. Choose the Save As command.
  4. Type the name for your new file.
  5. From the drop-down menu of Save As choose GIF.
  6. Then look for the options button to customize settings, particularly to the GIF file format.
  7. Lastly, select the Save command.

Converting an image file to GIF

  1. Firstly open image in your photo editor.
  2. Then select the File.
  3. Choose Save As command some programs name this SAVE, EXPORT, CONVERT, or DOWNLOAD.
  4. Type the new filename.
  5. Choose the Save As Type from the drop-down list and then select a GIF file format.
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