How to Get Started Using Pinterest

When it comes to getting started with Pinterest, people mostly tend to fall into one of these categories:

  1. I have heard about Pinterest, but I am aware of what it is, and I wish to learn more about it.
  2. I understand what Pinterest is, but I don’t know how to get started.
  3. I joined Pinterest because someone suggested me to do so, but I have not done anything with it.

So to get out of these categories, take these ten steps.

10 things that you need to do while getting started on Pinterest

1.Get your names straightened out:

On Pinterest, you should be aware of two names username and the display name: username will be the name that will be used in the URL of your Pinterest page, and the display name is the name that will be exposed on the display page of your Pinterest page.

2.Upload a Pinterest worthy profile picture:

It is a must part of start-up to upload your profile picture; it does not need to be a work of art. A method to catch the people’s attention will demonstrate who you are and stands out to be Pinterest’s visual Realm.

3.Create a profile to capture your business:

You should create a profile for yourself, where people will constantly be looking to find the content they love and wish to share. You should make a place where new people are going to expose to your business. 

4.Find a similar business to yours on Pinterest:

As you are not the only business here, you should not be afraid of taking help when you are getting started. You should have reached out to the local businesses or search for a bigger business in your industry.

5.Use your Pinterest’s tools:

Like anything else, Pinterest also requires a set of correct tools, and the Pinterest users are so lucky that they have a couple of free tools that can be accessed right from day one. What are these tools? Let us have a look at it.

  • Install the “Pin it” icon to your web browser.
  • Download the Pinterest app.
  • Use the Pinterest built-in analytics tool.

6.Create your first three boards:

Before promoting your page, I recommend you to create at least three boards with few pins on each one of them, like the boards, can be:

  • The board consists of your products or services.
  • A board designed for help.
  • A board just a fun factor.

7.Use of correct keywords:

While creating your board and pins, you should be strategic about selecting words that you will be using in the board’s titles and pin descriptions.

8.Tell your network:

Pinterest users love to find out that their favorite business or organization is working on Pinterest. You should use that network that is already spread globally, such as Facebook and Twitter, to spread the news among people to find you on Pinterest.

9.Connect your Touchpoints:

Pinners are shoppers. Almost 89% of Pinterest users have bought something they found on Pinterest. So they should be very much aware that your business is thereby linking up to your Pinterest account on your website. 

10.Regular pinning:

Pinterest likes to have consistency, and by pinning on a regular schedule, you are showing this consistency.

How to use Pinterest?

Manually Uploading

On a starting basis, the simplest method to add the pins is to do it manually. Manual Uploading refers to the state where you add the image, title, description, link it manually, and then tell Pinterest which board they should be added to.

Pin from your site

Another option is to add the pin from your site directly to Pinterest. That means you will require some sort of social sharing icons on your site like Glow Social Pro that adds small buttons to the top of your post so that the readers can click on it and share your content on the social platform.

Using a schedule

You can set your pinning on autopilot by using a scheduler such as Tailwind. The scheduler will permit you to add multiple pins, and it will also pin the content to the board for you when you would like to.

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