How to convert a DVI to VGA or VGA to DVI?

What is a DVI file?

DVI is an acronym of Device Independent File format; it is the output file format of the TeX typesetting application designed by David R. Fuchs and implemented by Donald E. Kruth in 1982. Unlike TeX markup files used to generate them, DVI files are not intended to be human-readable; they include binary data that describes the visual layout of a document in a manner that is not reliant on any particular image format, printer, or display hardware. DVI files are typically used as an input to a second program called a DVI driver. It translates the DVI files to graphical data.

For Instance, most TeX software packages consist of a program for previewing DVI files on a user’s computer display; this application is a driver. Drivers are used to converting from DVI to popular Page description languages such as PostScript, PDF, and printing.

What is a VGA file?

VGA is an acronym of Video Graphics Array. The VGA file extension represents to your device that which app can open the file. However, different programs may use the VGA file type for different types of data. While we don’t describe the VGA file format and its common uses, we don’t know which program is known to open these files, as we receive dozens of suggestions from the users such as yourself every day about certain file types and which programs they use to open them.

How to convert?

in today’s era, Video Technology moves away from the Analog to a digital that means VGA to DVI. However, some situations are still there to change the display technologies, generally due to the different ports on a computer and display. Video signals here can be adapted in either of the direction DVI to VGA or VGA to DVI, but along with this, there are some limitations and expenses differences.

So let us move on and look at how to convert DVI to VGA or VGA to DVI. There are two basic methods to convert from DVI to VGA.

  • You can then use a cable that does the conversion process for you. It will have a DVI connector on one end and VGA on the other one.
  • Plug its one end into the DVI port and the other into the VGA port, and everything will work normally. Here you can find the cables such as this pretty much anywhere online that sells the electronics.
  • Another method is to convert between these connectors is with a simple adapter. There are plenty of small adapters with a DVI connection on one end and a VGA one on the other.
  • Select the right adapter first that will plug into the device that you want to have either the DVI or VGA connection that you need, and connect everything up using the adapter to replace the usual port.

Before selecting, you should make sure to choose the right male/female configuration to match the connectors on your devices. It would not be so difficult as both adapters and cables are widely available, and many devices use the same scheme.


  • The DVI to VGA adapter is a cable or a small device that permits a display device with a VGA connector for input to receive an analog signal from a DVI-A for Analog or DVI-I for Analog and digital as well connector attached to a computer’s GPU. The converters are the inexpensive ones and are occasionally packaged with the video cards or available at many online retailers for around $5.


  • There is a much less common scenario where a GPU on the older computer requires to send its signal to a new display device without any VGA connector. In this case, a VGA to DVI converter is needed to create a digital presentation of the analog signal.

These devices are tough to locate and often cost upwards of $100. If you find yourself in any situation, we recommend upgrading your Video Cards or buying a new computer.

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